April 17th, 2021

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Poem for Saturday and Crab Apple Color

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My Friday was pretty uneventful. Had a long phone conversation with my sister and a long text conversation with my oldest friend, both about health care and our kids to a large degree. Went for a walk in the afternoon to see the emerging azaleas and crab apples that are already getting green among the pink.

I loved this week's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on pretty much every level -- Sam's arc, Bucky's arc, Walker's arc, what happened with Zemo, the training montage, the guest star I'm betting we'll see a lot more of. I really would like Karli to be redeemable and I really hope Sharon has not turned villain.

Then we caught up on The Flash, which did not hold my interest except when Caitlin was around, and Kung Fu, which again I liked a lot -- good balance of drama and action, interesting characters, hints of a big broader picture, a bit of humor though it could use a bit more. The aforementioned crab apples:

2021-04-15 17.08.57A
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