May 3rd, 2021


Greetings from the Canal

Sunday felt like summer -- mid-80s and sticky out, a good day to be by the water. First, though, we did a bunch of cleaning up in the house, then we Zoomed with our kids, one of whom was drawing pirate dogs and the other of whom went paddleboarding and saw beavers in the river. Afterward, we went to the river at Lockhouse 10, where we saw a few ducks in the Potomac and many frogs in the canal, plus several turtles and red-winged blackbirds. But mostly frogs!

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We talked to Paul's brother David in between the return of Legends of Tomorrow (always enjoyable) and the new episode of The Nevers (could use a bit more humor in between all the dark stuff), then Last Week Tonight, lots of vaccine-rumor stuff that I feel like John Oliver has covered before; I thought he'd be more aggressive about the international situation, the fact that "herd immunity" can't be just the U.S. and we have a responsibility to the world.