May 4th, 2021

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Poem for Tuesday and Hungry Squirrel

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I spent many hours on Monday on the ongoing sorting-and-cleaning project, which has now involved selling several Barbies and kids' toys in the Facebook Marketplace and packing five, yes, five boxes of media books -- mostly Star Trek, but not an insignificant amount of X-Files, Hercules/Xena, Buffy, and other shows I reviewed -- to give to the same guy I gave most of the Trek novels to several years ago. One of the Barbies was picked up in the afternoon, after which we took a walk when it started to cool off.

We had a ridiculously enjoyable evening watching the Warriors-Pelicans game on ESPN2, which was showing the game as a crossover event with Marvel in which several players are supposedly sponsored by Avengers and the arena and studio were decorated with props, plus the baskets were emphasized with Marvel-themed virtual fireworks and all the graphics were in comic sans. Then we watched Debris, which wasn't quite the episode advertised but was still dramatic and moving. We finally donated our Halloween pumpkin to a friend:

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