June 4th, 2021

green little review

Poem for Friday and Seahurst Park

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Thursday was going to be the day I caught back up on everything, but I got derailed at lunchtime because a woman came over to pick up a Barbie I was selling on Facebook Marketplace and I ended up showing her most of my collection, which was really fun -- I don't remember the last time I took so many down -- and letting Uhura go home with her as well as Cher. (She's a really interesting person who has traveled all over the world and I hope we end up being friends!)

Then I lost the rest of the afternoon to fighting with our new insurance and I still haven't managed to transfer my prescriptions, because Caremark won't let me access the old records now that I'm not a customer and the new HSA/FSA isn't active yet for some reason. We did manage to take a walk between bouts of early evening rain, and watched the two episodes of Kung Fu that we missed while out of town after I chatted with my fan friends. A morning at Seahurst Park:

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