June 12th, 2021

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Lyrics for Saturday and Butler's Orchard Animals

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Quickie, home from a lovely dinner with vertigo66 and her husband and kids for the first time in nearly a year and this time, since we're all vaccinated, we ate in the house, not in the driveway! We had Armenian and Mediterranean food from Sasuns Cafe -- I had hummus, a cheese canoe pie, and some excellent falafel, plus vertigo66 made brownies.

My day was otherwise quiet; it rained all morning, I took a short walk and talked to a neighbor for a while, and I finished a photo book of our Seattle trip in time to use my Shutterfly free book coupon. We are catching up on the episode of The Flash we missed on Tuesday now. Here are some photos of the animals at Butler's Orchard's farm:

2021-06-05 14.19.44
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