June 13th, 2021

green little review

Greetings from the National Zoo

The National Zoo is now open to visitors again with reservations, so we reserved a spot a few weeks ago. On Saturday, we went downtown to see the great cats, elephants, orangutans, seals, and particularly baby panda Xiao Qi Ji and his parents, who require a timed ticket -- as does the whole Asian Trail -- that must be obtained on the day while at the zoo, but we managed to get them and got to meet this adorable fuzzy ball of love:

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We ate lunch at picnic tables while at the zoo and saw several Rock Creek Park resident guests there, including lots of frogs and turtles, some ducks, and a deer. In the late afternoon we came home to chill and watch the Orioles lose despite a grand slam. After dinner (leftover Chinese), we watched In the Heights on HBO Max, which I enjoyed a lot though our Roku kept flaking out: great songs, lots of energy!