June 14th, 2021


Greetings from the Canal

It rained all morning, so we did a bunch of work in the house, then after lunch we chatted with the kids on Google Meet. By the time we'd finished, the sun had come out, so we went to the canal, where we had the most successful animal-sighting expedition of the year, including several muskrats, many frogs and turtles, a few skinks, a snake, two toads, and assorted birds, all probably thanks to the rain and the almost total lack of other people along the canal.

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We spent so much time looking at frogs that we were almost late for dinner with my parents. We did get home afterward in time for Legends of Tomorrow -- I appreciate the number of mystery sci-fi shows that involve Amelia Earhart and am completely in favor of her meeting Loki, too -- then the first couple of episodes of the second half of the new season of Lupin, which is more stressful than the first part but goes to lots of locations I'm happy to see onscreen!