June 20th, 2021


Greetings for Father's Day

We're at the very end of bingeing Katla, the Icelandic fantasy show about a town by a volcano that's like the Prose Edda meets Pet Sematary, which has been pretty excellent, and we're taking my parents to my in-laws in the morning so I will again be brief! We had occasional spitting rain but mostly cooperative not-too-hot weather on Saturday, so after lunch we went to pick blueberries at Homestead Farm and visited the animals there, then we took a walk along the canal at Riley's Lock and saw lots of frogs and herons. I hope everyone celebrating Juneteenth with family had a glorious one and everyone celebrating Father's Day on Sunday has a great one! A few pics, more soon:

2021-06-19 15.08.09
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