June 21st, 2021


Greetings from Hanover

We picked up my parents in the morning and spent Father's Day in Hanover with Paul's parents, picking up lunch on the way from La Cucina, where I got stuffed shells and other people got a variety of chicken parmesan and Italian seafood, plus Paul made blueberry pie with the berries we picked this weekend. We chatted with Daniel and Adam online while there, Clair played his violin for us, and Cinda showed us some of the hats and blankets she's been crocheting to donate to local hospitals.

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We drove home in the early evening too full for dinner, took a walk, and watched Luca on Disney+, which doesn't manage to be the Miyazaki-esque delight that it seems to be hoping, but has lovely animation of the Italian Riviera and a reasonably entertaining Little Mermaid-esque plot about a boy who lives under the sea and only wants to go to the surface (being a boy, he doesn't have to sell his soul or fall in love). The pacing is good but Pixar really needs to do better at least getting films to pass the Bechdel test.