June 22nd, 2021

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Discovery Park

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I had a very nice Monday morning because I got to meet my friend Mary at Norby's Cafe -- my first time seeing her in over a year, though she has been in the state a couple of times to visit her mom, who lives near me! She took me out for breakfast and we caught up on the things we weren't already caught up on from Facebook. It was actually my first restaurant meal in Maryland since the pandemic started! My afternoon was less exciting, laundry and busy work, then we had a huge thunderstorm that disrupted baseball viewing.

We had pancakes and veggie bacon for dinner because Paul was in the mood to use the blueberries we picked in pancakes, then we watched The Republic of Sarah (lots of smart women, pace is unrealistically fast but the show never gets bogged down) and I talked to my college roommate about her father's upcoming birthday party over July 4th weekend. I still haven't organized my photos from the beach at Sandy Point State Park last weekend, so here are some photos from the beach at Discovery Park in Seattle a few weeks ago:

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