June 23rd, 2021

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, Blue Jay and Flicker

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I had a long-overdue dermatologist appointment on Tuesday, so I spent the morning doing chores, had lunch with Paul, and went out to a building that still requires masks to enter and surgical masks to see the PPE-clad doctors -- I'm not complaining, this is comforting. There was a medical student she asked permission to allow to observe, so I got mostly naked in front of multiple strangers, but she didn't find anything suspicious that needed to be removed, so it was all good.

It finally stopped raining in the afternoon so that we could take a walk -- there were slugs everywhere instead of cicadas, for a change -- and we ate leftovers before I watched Voyager's still-delightful "Deadlock" with my usual group. Afterward, we watched Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+ and I loved it in pretty much every way -- the settings, the almost entirely female lead characters, the lesbians, the big-picture idealism. We have had some very fancy birds out back this week:

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