July 9th, 2021


Poem for Friday and Marine Corps Transport

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I got to see Alice again on Thursday, which was lovely. We picked up bowls at Cava and drinks at Shake Shack, then we came back here and watched this week's Loki because she hadn't seen it and caught up on the girl talk we avoided while out with our husbands. By the time she left, Tropical Storm Elsa had arrived, so we had periods of rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon, though we managed to take a walk before dinner.

I was chatting with my HP fan friends in the evening, plus we caught up on LEGO Masters, which was not as fun as last week with the LEGO fashion show but had a Jack and the Beanstalk build that I appreciated. We put on the Nationals game, which the Nationals were winning by a lot until they gave up a grand slam in the 4th and then lost in the 9th. Here are some of the vehicles in the National Museum of the Marine Corps:

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