July 11th, 2021

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Poem for Sunday and Midsummer Night's Dream at Olney

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We are just back from an outdoor production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Olney Theatre Center, absolutely delightful in that their summer Shakespeare Under the Stars production by their National Players remains free and all seats are now reserved and socially distanced, even the squares on the lawn, so we had plenty of room to picnic and listen to music before the show began. The production was very nicely directed with a minimum of props, fun costumes, and great pacing, but the play was so abridged that the famous lines quoted above had been excised, as had the lines referencing Elizabeth I, which was weird.

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Before the play, we went to nearby Woodlawn Manor Park, which I haven't visited in years. There's now an Underground Railroad Experience Trail, so named because it has placards explaining what an escape through the woods was like -- there's no evidence that that estate was ever part of the Underground Railroad and there is evidence that the owners kept slaves -- it's a lovely trail that's mostly deep in shade, starting near the historic barn, so we got to see the horses. And we watched Breach, the really terrible Bruce Willis sci-fi/horror movie that makes The Tomorrow War seem intellectual and emotional!