July 16th, 2021

little review

Poem for Friday and Marines Museum

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Quickie, was chatting with fannish friends until late and then we caught up on Superman and Lois, which has extra minutes on the CW Roku channel and this episode was actually worth of an extended edition. The earlier part of my day was not exciting: I discovered on Tuesday while looking for my review of "Tuvix" that when I took my Voyager reviews offline several years ago to add the retro reviews, I never actually finished the index, and it took a couple of hours to get it updated and uploaded.

We took a walk in the afternoon to see the local flowers and whatever birds were not on our deck fighting over the new suet, I got laundry folded, we had sausages and shells for dinner. Then we watched the end of Les Miserables (the Jackman-Crowe movie musical) which I'd started watching the night before in honor of Bastille Day (yes, I know, wrong revolution) before I got on Zoom to chat. Here are some more exhibits from the National Museum of the Marine Corps:

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