July 25th, 2021


Greetings from Brookside Gardens

I spent a lot of Saturday with my parents and my sister, who is visiting them after a get-together with some of her high school friends in the area. We met at Brookside Gardens, where we walked around and saw the wildlife and flowers in and out of the conservatory, then later we met for dinner at Trapezaria, where I had tirokafteri and the fabulous feti me meli, which of course I couldn't finish.

2021-07-24 14.06.02
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Apart from watching Olympic tennis, some skateboarding, and men's gymnastics, we caught up on the season finales of Kung Fu and Crime Scene Kitchen. I found the former quite satisfying -- whenever two women face off over enormous power, I enjoy it -- and the latter made me very hungry for napoleons, which was one of the required desserts (the other was a multi-tier chocolate cake)!