July 30th, 2021

little review

Greetings From My Backyard

I'm not entirely sure where Thursday went but I know where Thursday night went -- we tried to watch the women's gymnastics individual all-around on the Roku, but the feed kept cutting out (probably too many people watching). So instead we watched it tonight, with the sound off for an hour and a half while I was on my fannish chat and then distracted because older son, who hasn't felt well for a couple of days, was telling me he got a covid test although he's been fully vaccinated for many weeks (no results yet).

And my in-laws called to say one or both of Paul's brothers are talking about visiting them the weekend we already have a paid, nonrefundable reservation to go to the beach, for which I have been waiting all summer. We are seeing my in-laws this weekend and again in two weeks when other relatives are visiting, and I need my two days out of the entire year to see the ocean. Anyway, I am distracted and cranky about everything except Suni Lee. Here is what happens when the squirrel swings on the bird feeder and scatters the seeds:

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