August 1st, 2021

green little review

Greetings from Poolesville

Saturday was a gorgeous, not-too-hot day with a breeze, so after lunch we went to Homestead Farm to pick peaches and blackberries and also to visit the animals -- there are a pair of donkeys now as well as the alpaca and the goats, pigs, and chickens that we usually see. We walked to the orchard around the pond, where we also saw frogs, turtles, and a heron.

Then we went to the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area, which has several fields of sunflowers. This time we visited one we hadn't seen before, which is about a half mile from the parking lot through a wetlands and then past a cornfield, so there were many more frogs among water lilies and hibiscus, plus the first monarchs of the season and lots of bees.

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We had dinner with my parents out on their deck to enjoy the beautiful weather -- we brought peach cobbler Paul made with some of the peaches we picked -- then we came home and are now bingeing Wallander, which we thought we'd seen before but we only saw the early episodes (Branagh is great, the writing seems quite dated, Hiddleston is so young!).