August 20th, 2021


Poem for Friday and Glenstone Greenery

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I spent quite a bit of Thursday working on a project for an online goddess group I'm in, which involved a bunch of reading, a little research, and a lot of printing, cutting, and gluing things, which was surprisingly relaxing and I must remember to do it more often. It was otherwise a pretty quiet day, still hot and so humid that we have had huge mushrooms pop up around the neighborhood.

I had my usual Thursday evening fannish chat group on Zoom during which we discussed old movies, so all I watched on TV was baseball (the Orioles had already lost to the Rays and the Yankees beat the Twins, so it was not successful for anyone I was rooting for). Some of the natural glory of Glenstone (squint diagonal to the right of the skink and you can see a blurry hummingbird in the first photo):

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