August 27th, 2021


Poem for Friday and Repaired Locks

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I didn't get a lot done Thursday but that was fine -- I moved my usual Wednesday lunchtime chat to Thursday since I was seeing relatives yesterday, so I spent a couple of hours talking to my high school friends about kids, work, the Delta variant, gardening, and what we're watching on TV these days. Paul and I fit in a walk (under threat of a thunderstorm) between a Pokemon raid and dinner (vegetarian souvlaki and Greek potatoes).

Then we watched this week's episode of Fantasy Island from Tuesday before my usual Thursday night chat group, only four of us this week and most of us own Nirvana's Nevermind so I guess we're perverts? Then we watched some baseball, which for a change went well for the Orioles though not so much for the Nationals. Here are some photos of the new lock fittings in the C&O Canal at Great Falls, plus one of the old ones for comparison:

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