August 30th, 2021


Poem for Monday and Glenstone Visit

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I had an awesome Sunday to wind up my weekend. Tracey and Ceanna came over in the morning and we went to Glenstone, where we saw almost all the artwork currently on display, though we didn't visit the library or either of the cafes. The wonderful Faith Ringgold exhibit is still on display, Split-Rocker is still in full bloom, and we got to see frogs, grasshoppers, and even a skink in the various ponds and water courtyard. Plus the weather cooperated, it wasn't ridiculously hot, and it was quite pretty in the woods.

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When we left Glenstone, we stopped at Cava for a late lunch, then Tracey and Ceanna left for New York and apaulled came home to feed our neglected cats. A bit later, we went out to Giant and the vegetable stand to get provisions (they were completely out of cat litter though). I was completely stuffed from eating three meals out in a row, so I had yogurt for dinner, and I am pretty tired, so we had a lazy evening watching Legends of Tomorrow, Wellington Paranormal, and part of the Wicked concert on PBS.