August 31st, 2021

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Great Falls Views

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My Monday was very quiet after my weekend, which I'm sure I needed since I practically fell asleep while waiting for photos to upload. It was a day of laundries and sweeping the deck and the kitchen and doing all the things that did not get done Saturday or Sunday. We took a walk in the late afternoon when it got a little cooler, and I did not eat a lot because I am recovering from all the restaurants of the weekend.

We watched the pre-finale of The Republic of Sarah, then we watched the last couple of episodes of The Chair, which I found very depressing. It made me glad anew that I left academia, especially the University of Chicago, but it doesn't make me feel validated to be reminded that so many terrible situations especially for women have scarcely changed. Looking over the river from the other side of Great Falls on Saturday:

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