September 9th, 2021

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Assateague Horses

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I had another busy day, though no complaints -- all things that needed to get done. The trip laundries aren't finished yet, we're having some work done in one of the upstairs bathrooms starting tomorrow, and I had an eye doctor appointment for the first time in nearly two years, so it was a long one (the good news is that our insurance changed, so I can get new, lightweight glasses with sunglass clips). Plus we had to go to Giant because we were out of Cinnamon's favorite food, and we stopped at the library to pick up some DVDs. After dinner, we caught up on Burden of Truth so we can watch the new episode tomorrow; lots of interesting, flawed women on that show.

I hate zombies, so this week's What If...? was not to my liking, but I appreciate that two weeks after fridging Hope, they gave her a heroic role, and that Sharon got a turn as an Avenger after TFATWS. And Okoye kicks every kind of ass ("We don't need horror movies, we have American reality shows"), so in general it's a good episode for women. I'm glad it's always twisted true love between Wanda and Vision, but if they can do an episode where Bucky does to Steve what he does to Steve here, they owe us an episode where Bucky marries Steve. Then I watched DS9 with Cheryl -- the awesome trilogy that starts the second season! Assateague ponies:

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