September 19th, 2021


Greetings from Calvert

I had a super nice day for almost all of Saturday. Paul and I drove to Annmarie Gardens in Solomons, met Cheryl at the entrance for Artsfest, looked at lots of gorgeous crafts plus permanent sculpture installations, listened to local musicians, ate picnic lunch we brought with us, drove to nearby Flag Ponds Nature Park, put on bathing suits, walked through the woods to the Chesapeake Bay, swam, saw fish, seagulls, crab, and skink, walked back to the parking lot, drove to Burger King for Impossible Whoppers for dinner.

Then we got in the car to travel home over bridges, beneath a brief rain shower and huge rainbow, around the Mormon Temple at sunset, and arrived here to feed the cats, put on the new season of Sex Education...and suddenly a hole opened up in our ceiling right near the front door and water started pouring through, underneath the bathroom where we just had the tub and all its plumbing replaced. Plumbers can't come until tomorrow so meanwhile we have water shut off in that bathroom and I am trying to remember the good parts of the day:

2021-09-18 12.37.28
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