October 4th, 2021

green little review

Greetings from Crownsville

Sunday was warmer than Saturday but still very nice out, and we spent most of it at the Maryland Renaissance Festival with Cheryl and Lin. We saw the Piper Jones Band, Vixens En Garde, Matt Pauli's Pirate Escapes, NoBeard and Gwendolyn doing famous death scenes, Shakespeare's Skum's Leave It To Hamlet, Painted Trillium, some street performances, some juggling acts, potters, glassblowers, dressmakers, King Henry, the court, and we ate falafel and roasted nuts and tried on fancy hats and perfume oils.

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Our cats did not starve quite as much because we were home for the start of the New England-Tampa Bay game (I rooted for Brady over Belichick mostly because that's a better result for the Ravens, so that worked out), and we interrupted the game to watch the season finale of Billions which is somewhat over the top but reasonably satisfying. John Oliver's show about DuPont and chemical crimes won't be news to anyone who saw Dark Waters, but it's still well done and worth watching. And we ate leftovers for dinner. More tomorrow!