October 6th, 2021


Poem for Wednesday and Pike Place Market

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Tuesday was drizzly in the morning so I spent some of it reading, some of it dyeing my roots, and some of it finishing the many laundries of the past couple of weeks, plus I rearranged some of my Renfaire jewelry after having taken it out for the fests. In the afternoon I did some organizing in the basement and we took a walk to enjoy the cool weather -- only one bunny was enjoying it with us.

We ate leftover pizza for dinner because we were tight on time; I watched Voyager's excellent Holocaust-themed episode "Remember" with my Tuesday watching group, and we chatted about books and theater and things. Then we watched the Red Sox knock the Yankees out of the postseason, which was lovely. Here are some photos from Pike's Place Market last month, including the chewing gum wall:

2021-09-25 13.45.39
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