October 10th, 2021

get critical

Greetings from Netflix

Saturday was Pokemon Community Day for October, so I spent a bunch of time catching Duskulls and evolving them. While doing that, we took a walk in Cabin John Park, went to MicroCenter, Trader Joe's and World Market, stopped at a vegetable cart, sorted records down the basement, and tried to keep the cats fed. We had Swedish (fake) chicken with quinoa for dinner. And then we watched Diana: The Musical, which I wound up discussing with four people simultaneously, including someone I know who worked on the show in previews before the pandemic, my good friend in London, my biggest musical theater fan friend, and a friend who hates both musicals and royals so is perversely a fan of the musical. ScreenCrush says, "‘Diana: The Musical’ Is So Bad It Makes ‘Cats’ Look Good"!

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