October 11th, 2021


Greetings from Sugarloaf

Extreme quickie as right now we are watching the first two episodes of La Brea and it might be worse than the Diana musical. We spent most of Sunday on the fall Countryside Artisans Tour -- Art of Fire was closed because their artisans are mostly at the Maryland Renfaire, but we went to Breezy Hill Farm to see sheep and alpacas, Heron's Meadow Farm for tea, Frisky's Animal Sanctuary to pick up items I won in their fundraising auction online, Something Earthy Farm and Studio to look at pottery and listen to live music, and Dancing Leaf Farm to see the animals and yarns.

Then we stopped at Giant, came home for dinner, talked for five minutes to younger son who's in Florida with his girlfriend visiting her relatives, talked for five minutes to older son who's trying to buy plane tickets to visit for the holidays and Magfest, and watched The Courier, in which Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel Brosnahan try to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis. That one, at least, I recommend! A few photos of the farms in order plus Sugarloaf Mountain:

2021-10-10 13.39.58
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