November 9th, 2021

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Cox Pumpkins

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My Monday was, well, a Monday -- quite a bit of laundry and cleaning, lots of uploading photos from the weekend and last week. I started catching up on news from the weekend, since I missed most of it out enjoying the weather, but I've been so pissed off at how things are being covered both on major news sites and on social media that that did not last long and I read my book instead.

We took an early walk because of the time change and were surprised to see an owl in the trees! I tried to get photos but it flew away every time I got close. We had faux chicken for dinner and watched Antiques Roadshow, then the Succession we missed last night because Doctor Who ran long, and then the miserable end of the Bears-Steelers game. Pumpkins at Cox Farms during the festival:

2021-11-07 14.22.48
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