November 26th, 2021


Greetings from Cabin John Park

We had a quiet morning on Thanksgiving watching the Macy's parade -- I wanted to see the performance from Six and the floats are always entertaining, especially the Pokemon and Baby Yoda. Then we took turns taking showers and went to Cabin John Park to walk around at Locust Grove, where the Northern Bobwhite quail has returned to the nature center and the leaves are mostly off the trees.

We were responsible for the tofurkey and Paul made his usual decorated cookie cake (previous years here), which we brought to my parents' where Nicole and her family had already arrived. We ate a huge amount of food, caught up on everyone's lives, then we came home and watched Knives Out because we'd learned that Daniel had never seen it. Here's a bit of our day in photos:

2021-11-25 13.29.32
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