November 27th, 2021

little review

Greetings from Glenstone

Friday was a clear, chilly day, which we spent chilling out in the morning with the cats, then ate lunch and went to Glenstone, which neither of my kids had visited before. We'd never stayed there so close to closing, so in addition to the excellent Jeff Wall photography exhibit, Split-Rocker losing the last of its fall leaves, and many of the regular displays, we got to see a gorgeous sunset and a herd of deer in the grass.

We ate Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner with my parents, then we came back home to play The Paris Connection. We had plans to watch Don't Look Up but the game went on so long that we decided we needed a shorter movie, and watched Labyrinth because somehow that was what we all agreed upon (I got outvoted when I suggested a Sondheim production but at least it's a musical). Here's another set of day-in-photos:

2021-11-26 16.45.46A
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