The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday

By Laure-Anne Bosselaar

              A friend betrayed me yesterday.
I loved him for his hungers

              and awkward flat feet
he stomped as if he wanted to leave

              a mark everywhere he went.
I never told him how that stomping

              moved me, the same sad way
this clumsy briar does,

              waving, trying to be noticed
in the dust of a Boston off-ramp.

              My friend betrayed me
for a fast mark, a few gasps around

              a spilled secret no bigger
than a briar's thorn.

              I'm in one of the cars the off-
ramp jams into town, and because

              it would cause horn-blasting
rage, and because for each betrayal

              we lose a little fervor, I don't
step out to tear a leaf

              from the briar to keep
in a book -- his book -- in which

              he wrote Your friend, always.
Lost secrets, friends, fervors --

              we are made of this dust.
Let briars grow from it, and bloom


LJ is being impossible tonight and after spending more than an hour trying to read my friends list, which I had not checked since last night, I gave up. Have also given up answering comments for the night and trying to get back to posts I meant to comment on from earlier. So if you can read this, and you can actually get to a comment screen, and something wonderful or terrible or strange or interesting happened to you or near you or you just want to link to it, please do so here!

And I am sorry I suck so much about remembering to check my portal page/being able to get to my portal page to find out whose birthdays I am missing. I think that from now on I shall only send out birthday greetings to RL friends whose dates I know independently of LiveJournal, because I am constantly afraid I have hurt someone's feelings. Though I am this way forgetting with certain family members and local friends too -- just ask them!

Sorry about my Finding Neverland wail earlier; I shall talk about how utterly wonderful it is tomorrow, after seeing the last scene of the movie (since apparently we only lost about ten minutes, so I really should not complain about having gotten to see 99% of the movie for free, but I will be in a better frame of mind about that when I see the other 1%). Possibly the best film I've seen this year, though I need to figure out how much other films I've seen this year are shaping how I watch this one. It's wonderful that the most recent Peter Pan came out so near to this one because they complement each other in interesting ways.

I did run into Target since I got out of the movie early and discovered that there is stretch velvet on sale. I love being a tacky girl because it means I get to wear soft comfy clothes all the time. I swear I would wear velour sweats to synagogue if I thought my parents would not disown me.

This snake in the Reptile House reminds me of paintings of the serpent in the Garden.

*singing, because of Peter Pan* Never smile at a crocodile...

Copperheads, the only sort of poisonous snake that I have ever seen in the wild, though we heard rattlesnakes in national parks when we were driving west last year.

An African plated lizard hiding from his heat lamps.

Recently-hatched tortoises behind glass in the incubation room.

Gila Monsters! That is possibly my favorite animal name.

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