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Poem for Saturday

The Good Gray Wolf
By Martha Collins

Wanted that red, wanted everything tucked inside
that red, that body, it seemed, turned inside out,
that walking flower, petals furled, leaved
by the trees by the forest path, the yellow basket
marking the center--

                     wanted to raise that rose
petal skin to my gray face, barely to brush
that warmth with my cold nose, but I knew she'd cry
for mercy, help, the mother who'd filled the basket
that morning, Wolf, she'd cry, Wolf, and she'd
be right, why should she try to see beyond
the fur, the teeth, the cartoon tongue wet
with anticipation?

                     And so I hid behind
a tree as she passed on the path, then ran, as you know,
to her grandmother's house, but not as they say, I knocked
and when she answered I asked politely for her
advice. And then, I swear, she offered me tea,
her bonnet, an extra gown, she gave me more
than advice, she tucked me into a readied bed,
she smoothed my rough fur, I felt light
as a flower, myself, stamened and stemmed in her
sweet sheets.

                     Not ate her, you see, but rather became
her, flannel chest for the red head, hood
that hid the pearl that when I touched it flushed
and shone. What big eyes! and she opened the cape,
tongue, mouth to her mouth, and opened everything,
I crooned, crawling inside, wolf to flower,
gray to rose, grandmother into child
again, howl to whisper, dagger to cloak,
my mother father animal arms, disarmed
by love, were all she ever dreamed of.


Nice day. Managed to do all my work. Had unexpected lunch with gblvr, found a blouse to go with my new velvet skirt to the family Chanukah party on the 19th, had dinner with my parents -- lots of excellent seafood and Nubian chocolate roll and my mother got me a glass Tree of Life pendant that I shall endeavor to take a photo of at some point when my eyes can focus. Have finished about 90 percent of the holiday cards and packages, which will go out tomorrow. Finished addressing and labeling while watching Passionada, as I wanted to put on something I'd seen before because I knew I'd have to look down a lot; hubby liked it because of the New Bedford setting, so it was a nice relaxing evening.

But I hit Skip 350 and I can't handle anymore. I'm really sorry. Please come tell me your news here, because the same thing is going to happen on Sunday night -- particularly if there is fic I should read or art I should look at or something wonderful has happened to you! I am leaving in the morning for Philadelphia and shall not be around much all weekend, though we will probably bring the laptop in case of emergency. Will owe a bazillion e-mails and comments when I get back.

robinwest linked me to this Yahoo! story on why guinea pigs are better than men, and I just had to share. Heh. Also scribbulus_ink and arionrhod made me shriek in a very good way with "Better to Copulate Than Never (Part I)" so I am sharing the joy, in case somehow any SS/RL fan misses it.

We are getting a gorgeous collection of holiday cards, quite a wide assortment from family photos to homemade papercuts -- totallykate, I loved your ornament pop-up! I need to get something to hang them on! Below, a card received from my friend Anrie, whom some of you may remember from Voyager and The West Wing fandom, which made me grin in delight. (Carlton makes it, in case anyone wants to send one to anyone.)

ETA: I'm not positive this link will work for everyone but evildrem has found this as a Blue Mountain e-card. Thank you Em! *hugs*

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