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Poem for Wednesday

Imprisoned Music
By Nizam-ud-din-Ahmad

Oh, had I but the poet's voice to sing,
Then would the music prisoned in my heart
(Panting in vain its message to impart)
Hover around thee, Love, on trembling wing,
To tell thee of the soft-eyed hopes that cling
To Love's white feet, the doubts and fears that start
And pierce his bosom with a poisoned dart —
The smiles that soothe, the cold hard looks that sting!

But 'tis not mine, the soaring joy of Song:
I strive to voice my soul, but strive in vain.
Though passion thrills, and eager fancies throng,
Deckt in the varying hues of joy and pain,
Yet the weak voice—as weak as Love is strong—
Dies murm'ring on Love's throbbing heart again.


Had a nice day in Philadelphia with my parents and kids. Went to the visitor's center to get tickets for the Independence Hall tour, ate lunch at The Bourse (Philly's original commodities exchange, now containing the food court where Diane Kruger hid from Sean Bean's cronies in National Treasure), walked to Elfreth's Alley -- the oldest residential street in the USA -- and Franklin Court -- site of Benjamin Franklin's house, post office and printing press -- then went through security to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Old City Hall and the various buildings in the national park. On the way home we stopped in Baltimore to have seafood at the Inner Harbor, where we saw the Constellation lit up for the holidays. So I am very tired and shall discuss details better in the near future, as well as posting the Ben Franklin photos. Tonight, the cradle of American democracy...

Thomas Jefferson's walking stick resting on the table where it is believed the delegates from Virginia sat when the secret vote was taken to determine whether a resolution to declare independence from Great Britain would pass. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both brought into existence in this room.

Independence Hall from the outside. It was cold and overcast, and we did not get onto a tour until 3:30 p.m., hence the pale sky. We arrived here almost exactly at three as the bell was tolling the hour.

At the front of the room, the table upon which the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were both signed.

The courtroom for the colonies of Delaware and Pennsylvania, where an appointed judge of England presided until the revolting colonists tore down the seal of the king.

The original meeting room of the Supreme Court of the United States.

The most famous non-ringing bell in the United States.

A close-up of the crack that stopped the Liberty Bell from ringing -- it wasn't the big front gap that made them take it out of use, but the hairline that goes up from "STOW" through "LIBERTY."

In the morning we are going to the Baltimore Zoo, which is closing many of its exhibits after the first of the year to do reconstruction and removation. They swap memberships with the National Zoo so I think we can still get in for free and must take advantage of this while we can!

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