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Poem for Friday

On Time
By Ronald Wallace

He knows, for her, ten minutes late is early.
She knows, for him, ten minutes early is late.
And so they live their lives together, but
in different time frames. He thinks that she will surely
miss the boat that he is the first on. And surely,
she thinks, when he arrives he'll wait and wait.
She will put herself in the hands of fate;
he'll take his fate in his hands and hold it securely.

"The early bird may get the worm," she says,
"but who wants worms?" "Late is just," he says,
"a synonym for dead." And so the worm
of discord continues turning surely between them.
He wonders if there's time to save the day.
She thinks that it is just too soon to say.


perkypaduan schlepped over here for lunch and Joe vs. the Volcano, which I feel badly about as I had meant to go to her and bring her cookies, but by the time I had things in order, I wouldn't have been home in time to get my kids. Instead she brought George the kitten over, making both my cats rather nervous (Rosie sat in perkypaduan's lap the entire time she was here and rrrowled like a lioness every time Georgie walked by), but making both my sons very happy when they got home from school. Kittens improve everything, unless you happen to be the Cat Ruler of the House.

In good news, my new camera arrived! The battery recharger, which came in a separate package, is cracked and has to be sent back and replaced (minor grrr) but the camera itself is tiny and weighs next to nothing and still has the flash and zoom and manual settings I want. Have not really examined any of its capabilities nor even installed the software that came with it, but I did take one experimental photo just to make sure that the camera would power up and read my SD card, and that the SD card reader could retrieve the photo:

Cinnamon recovers from Georgie's visit.

I'm feeling crazed and unable to get caught up on comments -- I keep having to choose between doing that and listening to characters babbling in my head, and the characters keep winning because they are just so much more persistent. Also, I hit -250 and quit; it's just too many hours of my life to read the list every day. P.S. gblvr: I miss you horribly and must see you soon.

On a related note, am I the only person here totally unconcerned about LiveJournal being bought out? They say not much will change, I don't see any reason not to believe them, and it's been obvious that increased numbers of users have caused burdens that the current management has struggled with. I've had JournalFen and GreatestJournal accounts under the same username for years but I can't be arsed to use them; something in me doesn't like the idea of a journal that's supposed to be fandom-only. I have a fic journal here just to keep from driving people nuts if they don't want to put up with photos of my cats, but I operate under the delusion that LiveJournal is a microcosm of the world at large and not just fandom at large, with no idea why this distinction should matter to me since most of my friends here are friends from fandom. Still, I suspect that if LiveJournal went away or started driving me completely insane with outages, fees, etc., I would not move over to JournalFen or GreatestJournal but would take it as a sign from above to stop babbling like this and do something else with my time. Is this passive-aggressive or a form of denial or what?

My gemstone. Blue topaz is sometimes the alternate birthstone for December, because turquoise is so rarely set in gold and jewelers want to make more money than silver, so I suppose this is appropriate:

You scored as Topaz. Not like any other, topaz-types love to stick out from the crowd! They tend to have their own style and make their own decisions and they're rarely afraid to show it. They tend to have many successes because of their own ingenuity and most show their feelings on the outside. They are their own person and many have great imaginations.

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