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Delaware Trip 7

Friday the forecast was for rain, but as of this writing, it hasn't arrived in Bethany Beach yet. We got up early again for catch and release fishing; younger son caught four fish, older son caught one, my father caught a couple as well and they all swam away safely. After everyone got cleaned up and put on bathing suits, we went to the beach, where the water was rougher than any previous day, perhaps from storms elsewhere on the coast. We didn't swim as much, spent more time jumping waves and digging for sandcrabs, then we went to the outdoor pool in the complex for awhile before lunch.

After lunch, we all went to Rehoboth Beach for another try at the boardwalk. The kids won decent prizes in the arcade, I got to visit the collectible/New Age shop Dolphin Dreaming, and there were waves and gulls and the smell of Thrasher's fries and a chocolate malted. Came back to the condo, did some packing, watched Doctor Who's "The Lazarus Experiment" which is not one of my favorites in terms of the story but has wonderful performances and some of my favorite visuals of the whole series. Had dinner, finished packing while half-watching the new Flash Gordon. Saturday we must be out by 10!

The boardwalk, the dunes and the gulls at the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

This is the view from the boardwalk over the dunes at the umbrellas and the surf beyond.

I'm sure I've posted this exact view before during some other visit to Rehoboth but it's been pretty much the same since my childhood.

The giant chess set outside the game store. The kids wanted to get WizKids pirate cards.

Younger son's favorite game in the arcade. Last year he won a penguin; this year he was not so lucky.

The carousel at Funland.

And the bumper cars, with the boardwalk and ocean beyond.

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