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Poem for Tuesday

Old Coat
By Liam Rector

Dressed in an old coat I lumber
Down a street in the East Village, time itself

Whistling up my ass and looking to punish me
For all the undone business I have walked away from,

And I think I might have stayed
In that last tower by the ocean,

The one I built with my hands and furnished
Using funds which came to me at nightfall,in a windfall....

Just ahead of me, under the telephone wires
On this long lane of troubles, I notice a gathering

Of viciously insane criminals I'll have to pass
Getting to the end of this long block in eternity.

There's nothing between us. Good
I look so dangerous in this coat.


I wrote drabbles: "Evasion" for the "What were you doing?" "Sneaking!" challenge in snape100, "Retreat" for the Shrieking Shack challenge in lupin100 and "Sequential Folly" for the "from bad to worse" challenge in snupin100. I am somehow in the mood for utterly fluffy Snupin hurt/comfort and am therefore trying to restrict myself to drabbles until this passes. *g*

It snowed AGAIN! My kids were home AGAIN! That's five straight days they've had off; I should have taken them to see the beach in the snow or something. And we're supposed to get another two inches overnight, and the county-wide test of the schools is supposed to start tomorrow (you know, those idiotic tests they spend all year teaching for -- the test, not the education). Sigh. We painted model dragons and played Pokemon Master Trainer (well, some of us played and I watched) and I cleaned the stove -- let that tell you how desperate I become, stuck in the house.

Taken with the new camera, the little Nikon, because I was afraid to take the big one out while it was snowing so hard. I sharpened the edges in Photoshop and now am trying to decide if they look over-sharpened.

These pictures are different takes on the same image, and I'm curious to know which people think is the better photograph. This is the close-up of the snow-laden branch with its dark berries, with the street in the background blurred...

...and this is the version with the branch and berries blurred but the tree across the street clear. Obviously this would be a better picture without the neighbor's station wagon in it, but is it okay to have this much blurring in the foreground with a focus on the background?

Now, this picture I love: the railing and the bushes behind it, both covered heavily with snow. The blur is gradual. Is there a word for that?

And the backyard view, blurred despite everything because the snow was falling so fast.

bronzelionel and rose_whispers, your journals were in read-only mode for-effing-ever tonight, so I will say here: re: Tennyson: In that particular era I'm inclined to say unfortunately no, probably unthinkable (even more so for Tennyson than Aubrey/Maturin despite the sodomy laws at sea, I suspect) -- wouldn't mind at all if you could prove me wrong though. And good luck, will miss you, hurry back!

And gblvr: I may have to call you if the county delays school opening. Would half an hour later work?

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