The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday

A Traversing
By Pattiann Rogers

The easy parting of oaks and hickories,
bays of willows, borders of pine and screens
of bamboo down to the crux, grasses, bulrushes
and reeds parting down to their fundamental
cores, the yielding of murky pond waters,
layer upon layer giving way to the touch

of the right touch, the glassy, clear
spring waters, bone and gristle alike
opening as if opening were ultimate fact,
the parting of reflection allowing passage,
and the cold, amenable skeleton of echo,
the unlatching of march becoming as easily

accessible as the unlocking of mercy,
as the revelation of stone splitting
perfectly with the sound of the right
sound, everything, a nubbin of corn,
a particle of power, the pose of the sky
relenting, and the sea swinging open

like the doors of a theater giving entrance
to everyone, no fences, no barriers, no blinds
to the parting of the abyss, not bolted,
not barred from the utmost offering
of the dusk, enigma itself falling away
until all may enter all and pass among them.


First, because it is foremost on my mind, my obligatory Wednesday night West Wing squee, beginning with The Hollywood Reporter's report that the show will return next season! I don't really have a lot of comments on tonight's episode because I was trying to do several other things and watch at the same time, but I will say 1) I love Kate and I always have because I missed that one early episode from which lots of people seem to dislike her, but it gets almost as complicated to insert her backstory at this late date as it was with Dawn on Buffy, 2) any time Hemingway is read on television for any reason whatsoever, it cracks me up and gives me unpleasant grad school flashbacks, and 3) "Forensic Entomologists" should be a television show -- I'd rather watch that than CSI!

Had another insane but enjoyable day: managed to finish both the chores I needed to do and the articles I needed to write, had lunch with the lovely beeej (who probably thinks I am the biggest klutz in the world, I wouldn't blame her if she does not want to be seen in public with me anymore) and perkypaduan (who is having dinner tonight with her gentleman friend, so I get to say "A big hello to Perky and Hottie!") Younger son had an orthodontist appointment before school ended, so I took him there while my mother picked up older son from his bus stop, then I took younger son over to her house so I could come home and get work done for a couple of hours. We picked up the kids there in the evening and debated because my mother believes we have some sort of obligation to have a great big 40th birthday celebration for apaulled, when all he wants is to go out for Chinese buffet or something and then go to England. He has specifically told me NOT to buy him an iPod or anything expensive for his birthday. Any suggestions what I can get him that costs under $20 and he will adore?

St. George fighting the dragon over St. George's Gate at Windsor Castle. Okay, this is the wrong saint for today, but I am starting to get excited to be in England!

I must pimp juleskicks's history lessons, which make me howl. But I just have to admit that I'm giving up: there is no way I can keep up with my friends list and get ready to travel at the same time. So deepest apologies but until the end of this month, I am not even going to pretend. I apologize, and I really would like to hear people's news, so if anything wonderful and momentous happens to you or you read something that you know I would love, please tell me? I will answer comments, at least, I promise! I must get up very early in the AM for my usual Thursday morning so I must go collapse. Enjoy St. Patrick's Day!

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