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Poem for Saturday

The Inn
By Emmanuel Moses

A little wine
on this deep wound
that opens in the evening
when outside the cars honk
and passerbys laugh
shouting to one another
animated by a gaity
incomprehensible to the one
who watches from behind the shutters.

He daydreams, suddenly absent-minded,
of that woman he met two days before
and murmurs her limpid name
to hear it spread through the bedroom.

Suffering comes from elsewhere,
what matter if is reflected
in each word
he has learned a certain number of
helped by aging,
noteably that it’s necessary to love
who’s with us, who goes before
and awaits us,
seated at the nocturnal inn.


Still not organized. Cleaned up a bit as parents were coming for dinner, not, I'm sure, that they noticed. Found out that I am the Good Daughter this week as sister was beastly to them while they were visiting her, so suspect filthy house has been excused anyway. Sons had friends over after school, distracting me which caused me to miss The Making of 'Cinderella Man' on HBO at 4; fortunately it is on again on Sunday and Tuesday. Wrote a retro review of "Charlie X", which I must say has held up astonishingly well -- I was all ready for it to be awful and embarrassing, but it didn't play that way at all. It's funny how I'll excuse things in the '60s version of Star Trek that I absolutely cannot bear on TNG or later. Parents arrived for dinner, which apaulled cooked (chicken marsala, some kind of long-grain rice, German chocolate cake...I have a wonderful husband). We sang Happy Birthday to my father, watched Return of the Jedi to complete the Star Wars cycle, then I tried to get organized to go to Pennsylvania for the weekend. Have not succeeded much at the latter.

Jedi is as mediocre as I remembered, particularly coming so soon after Empire, but I must admit that in this case I am completely in favor of Special Editions -- the loss of the Ewok "celebrate the Lord" song alone makes all other changes worthwhile. (I also must confess that I really like the Jabba the Hutt scene in A New Hope, where Han steps on Jabba's tail to get to the Falcon; Greedo shooting first just doesn't bother me enough to compel me to boycott the revised movie.) The new, improved ending of Jedi with fireworks over Naboo, Coruscant etc. struck me as phenomenally silly the first time I saw it but watching it again at the end of the arc I must admit that I rather like having it there. I'm the kind of writer who pics at every story I've ever written every time I read them, so I can't really blame Lucas for monkeying, though I do wish he'd release both versions on DVD so people can choose between the one they remember and the one Lucas himself prefers. Oh, and aww, Darth Vader makes Michael Rosenbaum cry! Now, I wonder whether Lucas actually had to pay him to say it was the best day of his life or whether any day of being wined and dined and given toys at Neverland Skywalker Ranch would do that. I did a poll at TrekToday on which was the best SW movie, and to my surprise TPM and AOTC are way behind ROTJ, though TESB is easily on top...I wonder whether this is an effect of age and nostalgia rather than anything objective.

The plan for tomorrow is to get up early, drive to Pennsylvania and go to the horse farm after lunch. Hopefully I will see Maximus (the groundhog) and his collection of wives and babies! Sunday we may go to a nature preserve or if the weather's icky we might go to Harrisburg to a museum or if we can't decide we may go to Hershey to the zoo, and Monday the kids are campaigning for miniature golf. So I have to pack for all these possibilities.

The river rushing under the ruins, Fountains Abbey.
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