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Poem for Saturday

"Tired Tiger"
By Bill Watterson

Still and quiet feline form,
In the sun, asleep and warm.
His tail is limp, his whiskers drooped.
Man, what could make
this cat so pooped?


Today's poem is the responsibility of ribby, who sent it to me after the tiger photo from yesterday. Watterson wrote it for Calvin and Hobbes. She also sent this one:

My tiger, it seems, is running round nude.

My tiger, it seems, is running round nude.
This fur coat must have made him perspire.
It lies on the floor-should this be contrued
As a permanent change of attire?
Perhaps he considers its colors passe
Or maybe it fit him too snug
Will he want it back? Should I put it away?
Or use it right here as a rug?


Friday morning we walked to the elementary school to meet my son's teacher and pick up his school supplies, which this year we got smart and bought through the PTA which puts together sets including everything necessary by grade with all profits going to the school library to buy books. School supply shopping was never this painless! His teacher seems nice enough, perhaps a little ditzy but that might just be meeting 25 kids and parents all at once; I would rather have nice and ditzy than unnecessarily strict and smart, since my son does pretty well learning on his own and remembers everything he reads, but give him a teacher who smacks him down when he's enthusiastic about something and he gets very upset. He has two friends from soccer in the class, the identical twin of a friend from last year and two girls who have been in three of his four grades, so he seems happy.

We picked up apaulled and went out for Indian buffet for lunch since it was our last opportunity before school starts, then came home so they could work on their summer homework which they have very nearly finished (it isn't strictly required, but they get certificates for finishing and more importantly they impress their teachers and on some days they needed something besides video games to do!) Older son is also supposed to have a brief bibliography for a potential fall science fair project; he wants to do one on how video games affect the brain, surprise surprise. This ought to be fun. *g* My father took the kids to the pool, then we had dinner with my parents -- my mother is going to visit my sister in New York for a few days since her kids don't go back to school for a week.

Speaking of video games, even though my older one has pretty much spent all his birthday money even though his birthday isn't for a month, we decided after watching younger son play Nintendogs to get it for older son as well. In this game there is no violence, no shooting anything, no blowing things up, no crashing into things; it's all about training dogs and getting points for doing a good job so you can get more dogs, and you have to walk them and take care of them -- all in all a very responsible game compared to WarioWare and the like. So now I have a living room full of kids going "SIT DOWN!" and "STAY!" and I keep looking to see if the cats are up to something when, in fact, the cats are fast asleep on the back of the couch. And speaking of games in general, cionaudha pointed me to this fantastic time-waster, Joey Katzen's Retail Alphabet Game, in which you can test your victimization by corporate logos and mass marketing campaigns! I am not sure whether to be proud of or embarrassed by how well I did.

Tonight instead of a photo, here is a drawing by the wonderful hill_ for the interest art meme where she picked two of my interests and did a drawing based on them. A couple of other wonderful people did this meme for me and produced Harry Potter art, but the ambitious hill_ picked Elizabeth I and tall ships and I am completely in love with the result -- it reminds me of the Waterhouse painting in this icon but it's Elizabethan (and I am going to imagine that's the Golden Hind). I love all the detail in her dress, the necklace and lace collar, and the formality of the pose, as if it's a painting. I have shrunk it down a little and put a background around it to bring out the color. Isn't it gorgeous?

There is a good chance we are going to the opening day of the Maryland Renaissance Festival tomorrow, so this is doubly appropriate!

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