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Poem for Thursday

The Ease Of Murder
By Pattiann Rogers

He killed my father, strangled my mother,
held my brother's head under the water
until his fury grew quiet; he plucked
my sister into the void and left her there;
he turned my son into the disappearance
of his own cry. He starved my lover,
the bones in the moonlight. He burned
my whole orchestra to the ground with me
inside and swept the ashes into the gorge.
He could have been madness; he could have been
tumult; he could have been raptor, scavenger,
eclipse; he could have been precipice; he
could have been memory; he could have
been time; he could have been all we ever had.


By contrast with Sharon Olds, Pattiann Rogers is always writing poems where the poetic "I" could be anyone -- many of her poems sound intensely personal, about family members, about friends with consistent names (Gordon and Sonia come up throughout The Tattooed Lady in the Garden) yet I have never felt like I was being invited to conflate poet and narrator in her work. She does not often write about being a poet or the act of writing poetry; she sometimes writes first-person narration from the point of view of a man or an animal; and sometimes she writes from the perspective of God, or, even more interestingly, poems like the one above, where she seems to be speaking of God in terribly negative human terms.

This morning I did chores, this afternoon I did some work and helped my kids with some homework, this late afternoon I did some very enjoyable writing and tried some experiments from The Complete Guide to Digital Color Correction which I tracked down for less than half price used, this evening I watched "The Galileo Seven" to review and caught a rerun of the second episode of Rome which I enjoyed a lot (still overwrought but has actors I like, and a charmingly faked orgasm by a daughter picking on her mother, and how often do we get to see anal sex on TV, after all?)

I have come to the conclusion that this week is hopeless and I am never going to get done everything I need to get done plus see all the people I want to see. So Thursday I am having lunch with juleskicks and Friday I am having lunch with beeej and perkypaduan and Thursday evening I have a meeting about instrumental music at one school and Friday evening we are having dinner with my parents, and hopefully I will make a dent on some things in between. Sorry I am so behind on comments and e-mail!

Now this is the life! A warthog snores in the mud at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

An arctic fox dozes in the Great White North exhibit.

And in the same exhibit, a polar bear sprawls.

Personally, I don't see how anyone could rest in this position, especially not with an adolescent swimming nearby, but, then, I am not a penguin.

A sika rests in the shade in the Africa exhibit.

"Hey! My beak is in my back. This means I'M ASLEEP. Go away!"

Have very, very early morning and meeting at the school at night so am facing all-day incoherence!

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