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Poem for Tuesday

On Dreaming, After Falling Asleep Watching TV
By Isabelle Di Caprio

'Twas Brillo, and the G.E. Stoves,
Did Procter-Gamble in the Glade;
All Pillsbury were the Taystee loaves
And in a Minute Maid.

"Beware the Station-Break, my son,
The voice that lulls, the ads that vex!
Beware the Doctors Claim, and shun
That horror called Brand-X!"

He took his Q-Tip'd swab in hand;
Long time the Tension Headache fought--
So Dristan he by a Mercury,
And Bayer-break'd in thought.

And as in Bufferin Gulf he stood
The Station-Break, with Rise of Tame,
Came Wisking through the Pride-hazed wood,
And Creme-Rinsed as it came!

Buy one! Buy two! We're almost through!
The Q-Tip'd Dash went Spic and Span!
He Tide Air-Wick, and with Bisquick
Went Aero-Waxing Ban.

"And hast thou Dreft the Station-Break?
Ajax the Breck, Excedrin boy!
Oh, Fab wash day, Cashmere Bouquet!"
He Handi-Wrapped in Joy.

'Twas Brillo, and the G.E. Stoves
Did Procter-Gamble in the Glade;
All Pillsbury were the Taystee loaves,
And in a Minute Maid.


From ribby by way of aesc because it made me howl. I assume people are familiar with "Jabberwocky"!

Relatively uneventful day. Wrote up Connor Trinneer's Q&A from TrekTrak at last month's DragonCon, discovered that he has a great sense of humor, is very smart and will slash Archer/Tucker with aplomb, all of which makes me happy. Also, he hated the Mirror episodes as much as I did! And I got so much hate mail for not thinking they were the greatest thing since Jeri Ryan in a catsuit. Heh. I thought I might miss Enterprise once it was gone, but I will tell the truth: rewatching the original series is much more gratifying on nearly every level. Whichever rerun I review on any given week is frequently my favorite television hour for that week. Of course I may be singing a different tune when it's "And the Children Shall Lead," but for now I am just loving it.

I got a phone call from older son's school nurse just before school ended for the day telling me that he had a bad stomachache. He wanted me to come pick him up at school, but given the beltway traffic it would have taken longer for him to get home that way than if he just took the bus, so I persuaded him to do that and picked him up at the first bus stop rather than making him ride the extra half hour to the one nearest our house. He was sort of droopy when he got home but revived after he finished his social studies homework, ate dinner and felt well enough to go to fencing in the evening.

The trees by my son's bus stop are showing distinct signs of it being autumn.

Younger son had Mad Science after school so he got home slightly later, sat down and did his homework with the utmost devotion because Adventure Quest has some Halloween special this week online and I had told him that he could play after all his work was done. He has an all-day field trip to Historic St. Mary's tomorrow, leaving school at 6:45 a.m. and getting back at 5 p.m., so he will be pretty fried! No baseball tonight but there is Monday Night Football which I have been haphazardly watching while reading The Washington Post Magazine from the weekend and organizing some stuff. I am watching Commander in Chief tomorrow no matter who is winning at 9 p.m. *g*

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