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Poem for Friday

Sonnet XCIII: So Shall I Live, Supposing Thou Art True
By William Shakespeare

So shall I live, supposing thou art true
Like a deceived husband; so love's face
May still seem love to me, though alter'd new;
Thy looks with me, thy heart in other place:
For there can live no hatred in thine eye,
Therefore in that I cannot know thy change.
In many's looks, the false heart's history
Is writ in moods, and frowns, and wrinkles strange,
But heaven in thy creation did decree
That in thy face sweet love should ever dwell;
Whate'er thy thoughts or thy heart's workings be,
Thy looks should nothing thence but sweetness tell.
  How like Eve’s apple doth thy beauty grow,
  If thy sweet virtue answer not thy show!


Am just resigned to being boring this week. Took a walk, worked on some holiday stuff, fought with some holiday gift exchanges, wrote a couple of articles (Patrick Stewart takes back "never going to play Picard again," implies "might play Picard for lots of $$$$$$"), watched "The City on the Edge of Forever" to review and discovered that it has not aged at all, and was reminded what an idiot Harlan Ellison is for not simply accepting that this gem has his name on it in all his whining that it's not the screenplay he wrote...yeah, I read yours and Gene Roddenberry did you a favor, buddy. I'd forgotten how breathtakingly slashy it is at moments, though -- Spock sulking while Kirk is gazing vacantly at Edith, and Edith telling Spock he belongs at Kirk's side, as if he'd always been there...I swear that makes her hot.

Husband is very happy that the Grateful Dead is allowing resumed downloading. While he was catching up, we watched HBO's First Look at Syriana, which looks possibly overwrought but well worth seeing anyway -- George Clooney always comes across smarter than I expect him to be and everyone was gushing over Alexander Siddig, which makes me very happy. (I had watched the First Look at Goblet of Fire at some point while I was sick and was very happy to see clips, but disappointed not to see Alan or Jason -- where are their priorities, interviewing all those kids? *g*)

hill_ and esteven! You both made my day when the mail came! And so early in the season -- I am very impressed with your holiday organization. esteven, I have wanted that for ages -- she's one of my favorite fantasy artists, you can see some of her work here if you're not familiar with it -- I know you're a dragon fan. And hill_, I have given the Queen the place of honor on the wall in my bedroom...I love that drawing so much!

Friday I have an insane day, as I have a follow-up doctor appointment, my Trek review to write plus the site columns, and then after dinner we are driving to Pennsylvania to spend the day Saturday for my mother-in-law's birthday. So I shall be scarce over the weekend, though if I see a groundhog I shall certainly try to provide photos. *g*

Bodie Island Lighthouse, Outer Banks, North Carolina. I've had it on an icon forever but I don't think I've ever posted a decent-sized photo of it. This was taken in August 2002.

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