The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Monday

By Siegfried Sassoon

This is To-day, a child in white and blue
Running to meet me out of Night who stilled
The ghost of Yester-eve; this is fair Morn
The mother of To-morrow. And these clouds
That chase the sunshine over gleaming hills
Are thoughts, delighting in the golden change
And the ceremony of their drifting state.

This is To-day. To-morrow might bring death,—
And Life, the gleeful madrigal of birds,
Be drowned in glimmer of sleep. To-day I know
How sweet it is to spend these eyes, and boast
This bubble of vistaed memory and sense
Blown by my joy aloft the glittering airs
Of heavenly peace. Oh take me to yourselves,
Earth, sky, and spirit! Let me stand within
The circle of your transience, that my voice
May thrill the lonely silences with song.


Have had lovely, exhausting birthday. Saw The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe but am going to withhhold comments until I draft my review for GMR, had lunch with my parents and dinner at Bilbo Baggins in Alexandria, watched Detroit-Green Bay with hubby, am delightfully full and very tired! No physical presents other than a couple of CDs -- I asked my family for money so that I can get a Nikon D50. Suspect I am going to be a hundred or so dollars short of what I can afford even after Chanukah; do we think there is any hope that Nikon will drop their prices in January? Having just bought a television for the family, I cannot get away with much for me!

I did get wonderful written presents, however -- lots of greetings (thanks so much everyone here who sent them) and fic! (Listed in locked entry so people who shouldn't see it won't!) I just have to share this: half_elf_lost noted that the Forbes Fictional 15 list includes several of my fantasy boyfriends/girlfriends, includes Lex Luthor, Lara Croft, Cruella De Vil and Lucius Malfoy! (Bruce Wayne and Willy Wonka too, although I wouldn't date either of them even if they look like Christian Bale and Johnny Depp and are worth a fortune.) Hee!

My kids made me cards, one involving a penguin and our cat Rosie (younger son) and one involving Kirby (older son). And apaulled made me a crossover slashy Boston Legal/Star Trek card!

(Note inside about it being my birthday -- Star Trek and I will both be 40 in 2006.)


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