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Poem for Tuesday

Poem in Memory of Alan Schindler, 22 Years Old
By June Jordan

Except for the tattoo
how could I recognize
my son
what with the way that monster
his skull
what with the way that monster
broke then pulverized his jaw
what with the way that monster
kicked apart
the rib cage of my only son/
except for the tattoo
how could I recognize
my boy
my manchild grown into a sailor
for the Navy

I have buried him
my son
who lived and died loving
other men
I have buried him now
beneath the earth that allows for no
distinctions among men
except for the tattoo
that personal flag
of an honest body
as courageous
as ordinary
as an everyday parade
across mined territory
as courageous
as all of that
Thank God!


I've been meaning to post some June Jordan since this retrospective review last December but I keep forgetting. "All of Jordan's decisions were political. To a degree, no doubt she intended for her work to remain wild, unpolished, raw -- she wanted the spontaneity of oral expression," noted Darryl Lorenzo Wellington.

It was 63 degrees this fine January Monday, which means I kept finding excuses to sneak outside. I did get my work done -- was shocked to discover that George Takei will be an announcer for Howard Stern's new, totally uncensored satellite radio show, never would have guessed at that connection, and John Billingsley will be on Prison Break, does that mean I should watch? Also and made sure my kids got their work done before older son's fencing lessons started up again for the season.

I also started a really silly project that I have been meaning to work on for a long time: a Barbie Tarot deck. I think I may post it one card a day starting this weekend. I haven't found a perfect image for The World because I'd really like to find one of indeterminate race and bland hair color to represent all Barbies.

One more photo from the holiday lights display, this one indoors at the park center next to the greenhouse, which was serving cider and holiday cakes while this man played the harp and sang.

I read at The West Wing Continuity Guide that according to The New York Post, Aaron Sorkin is going to return to the series to write "an 'RIP Leo' episode." That would make me so happy! I did not watch any TV at all, and can't say I missed Monday Night Football. I must remember to tape Commander in Chief since I will be at my camera class. I insist on being home in time for Boston Legal though!

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