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Poem for Wednesday

From "Gitanjali"
By Rabindranath Tagore

On the day when death will knock at thy door what wilt thou offer to him?

Oh, I will set before my guest the full vessel of my life---I will never let him go with empty hands.

All the sweet vintage of all my autumn days and summer nights, all the earnings and gleanings of my busy life will I place before him at the close of my days when death will knock at my door.

O thou the last fulfilment of life, Death, my death, come and whisper to me!

Day after day I have kept watch for thee; for thee have I borne the joys and pangs of life.

All that I am, that I have, that I hope and all my love have ever flowed towards thee in depth of secrecy. One final glance from thine eyes and my life will be ever thine own.

The flowers have been woven and the garland is ready for the bridegroom. After the wedding the bride shall leave her home and meet her lord alone in the solitude of night.

I know that the day will come when my sight of this earth shall be lost, and life will take its leave in silence, drawing the last curtain over my eyes.

Yet stars will watch at night, and morning rise as before, and hours heave like sea waves casting up pleasures and pains.

When I think of this end of my moments, the barrier of the moments breaks and I see by the light of death thy world with its careless treasures. Rare is its lowliest seat, rare is its meanest of lives.

Things that I longed for in vain and things that I got---let them pass. Let me but truly possess the things that I ever spurned and overlooked.


Had very hectic day and am very tired. Am going to skip the details and go straight to the squee so I can get to bed. I watched Commander in Chief distracted because older son was having a meltdown -- after missing several days of school with stomach flu, he now has lots of catch-up work that is seriously impeding his video game plans and Simpsons-watching -- have decided to badger his teachers incessantly after watching Boston Legal until he gets all "A"s. *snerk* Oh, CiC was really quite enjoyable, Templeton and Allen interacting much less along cliched lines and even her husband sounding smart for a change (I think it helps that there was no major B plot involving the kids, too, but they were supporting players). But what always makes my Tuesday night is Boston Legal and the Alan/Denny love.

Now, somehow it took me till this week to put it together that Denny's fiancee is T'Pol's mother from Enterprise, which just made my night. Of course he'd only cheat on Alan with a Vulcan! I totally love them singing along terribly to that song from "Dirty Dancing" (is it actually called "I've Had the Time of My Life") with his in-office karaoke machine, and then agreeing to let Michael J. Fox try Denise's case with her because of a bit of schmoozing involving his club and his plane. But of course the highlight of the entire episode is Denny and Alan dancing! With Alan playing Ginger Rogers! ("Anything Denny Crane can do, I can do backwards and in high heels"). I love how thoroughly unthreatened Alan is by Bev...unlike Paul and Shirley, he knows he can just wait her out.

Oh, and Shirley! Bev announces that of course she's after Denny for his money and power: "I find money and power so appetizing. And why did you screw him? Shirley: "I lost a bet." Shirley then says she expected Bev to be a predatory shark, and was planning to threaten Bev if she hurt Denny or the firm, "but I can see I don't need to do that." Bev retorts that it's hard to believe that Denny named the position he calls "The Schmidt" after Shirley! HOWL! Then there's Denny and Paul's posturing, which I totally love because it's Captain Kirk and Odo! Denny even says, "I'm the big gun, the captain!" And Paul, who has just been laughed at because Denny's name is on the door of the firm while Paul's is not, retorts that he has to steer the ship because the captain isn't up to it anymore. And then boom, Denny is giving Paul Celtics tickets and suggesting that they pretend Denny doesn't remember their argument! Does this mean he did or did not sign the pre-nup?

Alan makes me howl telling Bev that he doesn't know her well enough to hate or like her but everyone else at the firm's unfavorable opinion is a point in her favor. He does like the strays, doesn't he? How did he end up at this firm anyway? I didn't watch the end of The Practice so I don't know! Did he and Denny just fall in love at first sight? It is perfect that Denny interrupts Alan and Bev's little chat saying, "My favorite girl and my favorite guy." And then Alan makes me swoon telling Denny that he likes Bev: ""She makes my friend smile, that's the only quality that matters." Because we know that in a couple of weeks, Bev will disappear one way or another, and Alan and Denny will still be sharing cigars that according to Bev's innuendo are not just cigars.

Oh, and I really love Denise, and was okay if not thrilled with the somewhat-too-flip Aspergers solution, so really I did not see any big shark-jumping, though again that may be because I was distracted by my kids and stuff!

Why beavers don't rule the world:

1) They accept double dog dares to stick their tongues to cold poles.

2) They try to gnaw trees that have fences around them.

3) And they try to push big forked branches into the little bitty entrances to their dens.

I suppose I would rather it be that time of the month than not be that time of the month, because the reasons for missing that time of the month are much scarier than just dealing with the time of the month, but man, sometimes I really wish I could just SKIP that time of the month. (And I've been told that, since I get migraines, every-four-months is not an option!) Sigh. Off to sulk.

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