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The Little Review

Poem for Thursday

From "Tammuz"
By Nathan Alterman
Translated by Robert Friend

        I go
toward the trumpets of light,
toward the sun on its summit of rock.
Bright guardian, watch over your flock
lost in the countries of drought...

Kneel and behold the tints
that set the days aflame,
its dazzling brothers ruling everywhere
when they climb the battlements
with their green braids
and open, like a city, our new day.


It was really not a great day again. Am getting the wound on my back cultured because it didn't look to the dermatologist like a typical infection -- no pus, just this bloody blister. Doc had to tear the scab off to get the stuff for the culture, which hurt more than the initial incision under a local to remove the mole. Then I guess the higher powers figured that since I already had bandages and Bacitracin, it was a good day for the gerbil to bite the holy hell out of my finger. It hurts fifty times more than my back does and is still bleeding hours later, so I guess this is what I get for seeking distraction.

And re: fic: some people are so greatly relieved we didn't post some pairing or style that's not their thing that they had to get digs in about it, and some people are so irritated that there wasn't sex that they had to mention that. With comments like these, is it any wonder I haven't felt like writing or posting this shit for months? Was reminded tonight just how much I hate the female characters in Harry Potter; I've been told I'm supposed to respect Narcissa because, like Lily, she'd diss someone threatening her family and give her life for her offspring. Umm sorry not really pressing my "strong woman" buttons.

Son spontaneously invited friend over for dinner, and he has eaten there a couple of times so it was our turn; husband spontaneously brought home pizza, which we then did not have enough of for everyone. Color copier at Kinkos was on the fritz and made spotty prints but they made me pay for the three shitty pages I managed to get out of it anyway before I stopped. Missed two phone calls I really wanted to get. Had to reinstall virus software on my computer, downloaded new AOL security center, put it on the other two computers and discovered that kids had let a boatload of spyware etc. get installed with their games. If it hadn't been for ldybastet letting me whine in her direction and coax silly comments, I would be even pissier. And yeah, I think I am going to quit there. If tomorrow is like today I think I will just post a poem and photo and leave it at that. (And no, I am not getting my period!)

Blessed Imbolc/Candlemas (which I will be celebrating properly this weekend) and I am hoping Maximus does not see his shadow, because although we had almost no winter to speak of this year in terms of snow, I am ready for the sun.

USS Constellation, winter sunset.

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