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Poem for Wednesday

The Man with Night SweatsCollapse )

Rent put me in the mood for that poem, though it's much less hopeful and I can never decide whether I find the ending of the musical absurd or uplifting or both (There's only us, there's only this/Forget regret, or life is yours to miss/No other road, no other way, no day but today). I am so upset about Dana Reeve...I knew she was ill but I didn't realize the disease had progressed so quickly. Four years older than me and not a smoker.

I have lung pathogens on the brain because my son's school was on the local news tonight, a story on the portable that was his classroom before it was deemed unsafe; he was one of the lucky kids who did not have a strong allergic reaction to the mold growing in the walls, but there were several kids in the class who missed at least one day of school a week and the teacher was very sick, too. Now they are in the building but the county is refusing to consider pushing up the school modernization plan, saying they'll get new portables for next year. The entire fourth and fifth grades are already in portables. The school's staying down the list because the way the county allocates funds, the impoverished and minority enrollment isn't high enough to make it a priority. I am so glad that next year will be his last there no matter what.

In much better news, my husband had his annual review today and is getting both a raise and a promotion, for which they expect him to carry a Blackberry so that they can harrass him at baseball games and stuff. He decided that I might be jealous and feel deprived, so since we have wanted to get our older son a cell phone for two years now so he can call when there are school transportation problems, he decided we could give my current phone to our son and bought me an MDA. Whoo! Now I can send e-mail on the road! I love having a phone, PDA, camera and MP3 player all in one device considering I often go out with all those things and my purse weighs a lot! He also took us out to Tara Thai to celebrate. The kids had just gotten out of Hebrew school and their eyes were bigger than their stomachs so I suspect we are having Thai leftovers tomorrow night.

In honor of Star Trek Fan Collective: Borg coming out on DVD today, here is my Alice Krige interview. What an awesome woman. I am hoping that when the Q set comes out, they'll let us interview John De Lancie, and when the Data set comes out, they'll let us interview Brent Spiner...I've done Q&As with both of them at conventions but never one-on-one interviews. The other news was this insane plan by G4 to attract Trek viewers by having interactive stuff cluttering the screen...will be interesting to see if the fickle boys go for that! And if it's Tuesday, it must be 'Boston Legal' night!Collapse ) It always amazes me how much pleasure I get from reiterating the whole damn episode. *G*

More Birds of PreyCollapse )

Am way behind on comments from having gone out to dinner and then wandering into stores near the restaurant looking for birthday presents for my mother and uncle, so shall try to catch up tomorrow!

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