The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday

by Betty Adcock

Dusk and snow this hour
in argument have settled
nothing. Light persists,
and darkness. If a star
shines now, that shine is
swallowed and given back
doubled, grounded bright.
The timid angels flailed
by passing children lift
in a whitening wind
toward night. What plays
beyond the window plays
as water might, all parts
making cold digress.
Beneath iced bush and eave,
the small banked fires of birds
at rest lend absences
to seeming absence. Truth
is, nothing at all is missing.
Wind hisses and one shadow
sways where a window's lampglow
has added something. The rest
is dark and light together tolled
against the boundary-riven
houses. Against our lives,
the stunning wholeness of the world.


Back to work at the kids' school library today. Have not managed to get 1/10th of my life in order. I did get cinzia's CDs burned for her but doubt I will get to the post office before Monday to mail them. Also have to find ashinae a Boromir action figure at the mall while KB is still liquidating them and have no idea when I will get there either.

Finished one review. Have to finish book so I can start another. Kids back to Hebrew school this weekend and I think there's some sort of parents' day for at least one of them, so there goes the morning. Why do stay-at-home vacations always leave me feeling like I desperately need a vacation?

Are the Hobbits Gay? Ask the New York Blade. Link stolen from msallegro.

From divineway:
bikini panties

You Are Bikini Panties!

Cute, but conservative.
Girl next door hottie.

What Kind of Panties Are *You*?
More Great Quizzes from Quiz

Gacked from lilithlotr:

For each of your fandoms, and without reusing anyone if possible, who was the character you most:

Identified with?
LOTR: Boromir
Voyager: Chakotay
DS9: Odo
XF: Scully
LFN: Nikita
Andromeda: Beka
Buffy: Buffy
SV: Clark
DC: Joey
Xena: Gabrielle, I suppose

Lusted over?
LOTR: Aragorn
Voyager: Janeway
DS9: Kira
XF: Krycek
LFN: Madeline
Andromeda: Tyr
Buffy: Giles
SV: Lex
DC: Pacey
Xena: Ares

Hated or were thoroughly annoyed by?
LOTR: Lurtz
Voyager: Seven of Nine
DS9: Quark
XF: Doggett
LFN: Anyone from Oversight
Andromeda: Trance
Buffy: Cordelia
SV: Lana
DC: Dawson
Xena: Caesar

Adored in a platonic sense?
LOTR: Eowyn
Voyager: Torres (before Paris)
DS9: Sisko. Dax. Dukat. Everyone really.
XF: Mulder
LFN: Operations
Andromeda: Rommie
Buffy: Willow
SV: Chloe
DC: Jen
Xena: Lao Ma

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