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Poem for Tuesday

Post-Vacation Tristesse
By Charles Harper Webb

The Jumbo Jet has barely shuddered off
The ground, and I'm depressed. My scuba mask
And fins, my fly rod and beach hat

Crush each other in an overhead locker
Dark as the bedroom closet they're returning to.
Already the week's good times melt

Together like caramels in a hot car.
My vow to "Do this more often!" recedes
With the jade palms and sun-stroked beaches

I can barely see through my scratched window
As the pilot thanks us for "flying
United," and climbs through ectoplasmic

Clouds into the jet stream that circles
Earth's head like a tedious tune,
And like a kick in the rear, hustles us

Homeward through a sky which, though it looks
blue enough to house heaven, is colorless
As life without you, and just goes on and on.


We're home. Had a pretty good drive -- LONG wait for lunch since hubby only wanted to stop somewhere within a mile of the highway and through much of NC, there aren't any places within a mile of I-95, but no traffic to speak of and the weather was good. We watched Eight Below (which upset younger son for awhile as some of the doggies suffer greatly, but had a lovely happy ending like March of the Penguins) and read the end of The Dark Is Rising and most of the first half of Greenwitch. Had Subway for lunch when we finally stopped (by then it was nearly 2 p.m. and I needed Excedrin, as I had not eaten since 9 a.m. and then all carbs because there were 100 people for breakfast in a lobby designed to seat 20).

A chipmunk at the Pittsburgh Zoo, because chipmunks always make me feel better.

I am told I missed a huge amount of fannish wank while I was gone! Huzzah! Hope I never find out exactly what it was all about. *g*
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