The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday

by Diane Di Prima

I loved you in October
when you hid behind your hair
and rode your shadow
in the corners of the house

and in November you invaded
filling the air
above my bed with dreams
cries for some kind of help
on my inner ear

in December I held your hands
one afternoon; the light failed
it came back on
in a dawn on the Scottish coast
you singing us ashore

now it is January, you are fading
into your double
jewels on his cape, your shadow on the snow,
you slide away on wind, the crystal air
carries your new songs in snatches thru the windows
of our sad, high, pretty rooms


Highly Amusing! Fifty Reasons Why Lord of the Rings Sucks! I especially like all the things Tolkien stole from George Lucas.

Also, an easier-to-read, easier-to-save Two Towers transcript is here!

And probably everyone but me has already read the Two Towers parody by mollyringle.

I'm supposed to work in my kids' school library this afternoon and do an interview tonight and I am SO behind on everything because of the snow day yesterday...if I owe you mail, fic, etc., I am really sorry! Am doing my best to catch up. Also am doing my best to get to the post office if I owe you a package!

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